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Very short stories to read at the bus stop.

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Porno Dog

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As a child, I have cowered under the covers as the moon cast a swarm of
serpentine shadows on my sheets.

As a teen, I've dreamt of being bitten by eels. Awake, walking the forests,
I have stopped with a start to see a bronze legless reptile cross my path.

And as a man, I have stood stony still with a python coiling around my
neck. Once, on new year's eve, at the stroke of midnight, the pit of my
stomach squirmed as I put my lips directly to a bottle of Vietnamese wine
with a hooded cobra in it (upon which I temporarily lost my mind imagining
I had imbibed the curse of the Medusa).

Yet none have caused me to quake as much as that there bobitted trouser

Posted by jc1000000

3rd Feb 2012, 16:23  


Dhamaka says:

and it's smiling at us now, too...

20th Feb 2012, 16:21