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Story, happenings, fantasy or whatever on my mind.. Mostly this what I'm quite sure of, unconsciously plagarizing some story..

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100 days before my birthday I started writing wishes everyday till my 21st birthday year 2009.. I wrote them on small pieces of paper and folded them to a heart shape. I still remember the very first wish I wrote because it is the first and because it came true.. That very day september 28 is the day of taking L.E.T., so of course my first wish is to pass the exam then it came true.. As for the 99 wishes.. Some wish that I'm sure are of material things and some not.. Wish that just came to my head that day and the next day I forget.. Wish that are possible and maybe impossible to achieve.. And as far as I know some if not all of those 99 wish are yet to be fulfilled.. I'm hoping that someday, someone or myself will be able to fulfill this wish.
15th Feb 2012, 16:56   | tags:,,,,


lovely image and I like the story too.

16th Feb 2012, 19:09