Red Filbert has attractive red leaves and produces small but very tasty nuts

by FilbertFox

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11th Mar 2012, 09:59  

Spiderbaby says:

Rather depends on what "it" is. Is it meant to be food?

11th Mar 2012, 11:38

FilbertFox says:

It is 'food'. I don't usually eat anything else

11th Mar 2012, 13:39

taniwha says:

Is it a squid sort of thing?

11th Mar 2012, 17:56

bethmadethis says:

oyster mushroom?

11th Mar 2012, 21:24

FilbertFox says:


11th Mar 2012, 22:24

Viv says:

a tiny taster with caution :)

12th Mar 2012, 01:23

Wendle says:

Not if it ever used to be part of something that was alive. *shudder*

12th Mar 2012, 14:57

taniwha says:

Oh, is it an edible bivalve?

12th Mar 2012, 15:26

Twiglet says:

'ave you coughed up one of your lungs lovey?

12th Mar 2012, 16:56

Spiderbaby says:

I want it to be a lump of fondant icing or something sweet, but can't account for the wet...

14th Mar 2012, 06:02

Helen says:

Mmmmm lychee might be a possibility for such a texture, or egg even.

14th Mar 2012, 07:03

crickson says:

It looks like it's wrapped in plastic. Mozzarella sometimes looks a bit like that in cling-film...

14th Mar 2012, 07:59

Anonymous says:

And the orize goes to Helen! It is egg white that escaped whilst being poached.

I will post it to you Helen - please enjoy!

14th Mar 2012, 12:10

Helen says:

Mmmmmmm protein.

14th Mar 2012, 17:51

dragon says:

This isn't one of your tasty nuts, is it?

22nd Mar 2012, 09:13