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Welcome to our online journal - a window on our world.

'Bringing Learning Alive'

Our vision statement is to Bring Learning Alive and blogging encapsulates our aim to make learning exciting, up to date and fun.

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Our blog was set up, primarily, for children in school to see what others were up to when off-site. However, after only a few weeks of actually getting pictures on the site the possibilities for inspiring learning are becoming apparent.
We'd already established links with two schools in France but we are now exploring the potential of mutual blogs so that our children can comment and interact with international partners. We're receiving pictures from the arctic from one of our parents and the level of interest in geography is rising withouteven trying. The potential is immense.
It might sound like it but we're not anoraks!
and, at the same time, a fantastic educational opportunity.

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Who will be Robin and who will be Marion?

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For those 'not in the know', Robin is the best male archer and Marion the best female.
22nd Mar 2012, 09:56  

Dad Whorton(drbob-dot-whorton-at-gmail-dot-com) says:

Very disappointed in the photographic log!

22nd Mar 2012, 14:18

Helena Parrish says:

I'm really sorry that you feel this way. I have an old "pay as you go" mobile phone and I did spend £35 of my own money texting these to the school. As always, I did try my best.

23rd Mar 2012, 14:57

Helen Blackburn says:

I find I have to respond to the negative message left by Mr Whorton.

I found the photographs, which were not mandatory, a welcome insight to my daughters week away. As far as I was aware there were no professional photographers employed to provide a professional photograph album detailing the children's week.

I am very grateful to Mrs Parrish for taking the time and carrying the expense to provide us with these lovely pictures of our children having fun, trying new activities and experiences, and I am sure I can speak for most of the other parents.

23rd Mar 2012, 17:21

Grateful Parent says:

I second the opinion of Helen Blackburn. I have massively enjoyed logging in everyday to view a snap shot from the days events. I take my hat off to all of the staff for the huge amount of time, effort and organisation which goes into trips during and months before they even happen. The responsibility, professionalism and dedication you show to the children, parents and carers is above and beyond. The fact our children have memories, experiences and a new found love for the outdoors which will stay with them a life time means more to me than a photograph. Thank you for doing all that you do and for giving up your own time and money. In the words of Berenice Abbott, "Photographs help people to see." Well done all of you.

23rd Mar 2012, 18:22

Jen says:

I also have to agree with Helen & "Grateful parent". The photos have been of great comfort to me while Ethan has been away, being able to see what the children have been doing and that they are happy & well. So thank you very much Mrs Parrish, especially for the cheeky photos which have kept me sane through the week

23rd Mar 2012, 18:28

Melanie Sarai says:

I felt the need to say how very much I have enjoyed being able to view our children's trip, these photos have given me great pleasure every day, just being able to see that the children are all happy and well has made me rest easy, thank you to both Mrs Parrish and Mrs Kent for all they have done this week.

23rd Mar 2012, 18:48

Mia -Simone Sarai says:

Our time at Laches wood was amazing! thank you mrs parish and mrs kent.

23rd Mar 2012, 18:52

emma Thornley says:

This is the fifth school trip i have been able to view through our school blog, seeing my daughter enjoying herself has been great for me and her family. Thankyou to Helena and Mrs Kent foryour hard work and for making the effort to keep us informed, it is very much appreciated.

23rd Mar 2012, 19:45

Old Teacher says:

So lovely to see so many parents appreciating the hard work of teacher and TA.
24/7 at Laches Wood with a class full of children is a tiring but wonderful time.
From the photographs it looks like everyone enjoyed the experience.

24th Mar 2012, 09:26

dawn lewis says:

I have looked through all photographs put on by Mrs Parrish and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them, being able to see some of what our children have done throughout the week has been a God send, I know we have all missed our children so much and to be able to see them having such a fantastic time together is priceless and to realise that Mrs Parrish has funded so many things herself is extremely kind and thoughful. I just dont know how you fit it all in Mrs P. Well done to you and Mrs Kent and thank you again for helping our children in so many many ways.

24th Mar 2012, 12:37

Mrs Parrish says:

Mr Whorton has said "apologies for the misinterpreted, unfinished message." He wasn't able to open the photos on his computer and when he tried to reword the comment, the blog treated him as spam.
Thank you for your email Mr Whorton and to everyone's lovely comments. Mrs Kent and I really appreciate your support.

30th Mar 2012, 16:46

Jayden Rooke says:

Thank you Mrs Parrish and Mrs Kent for taking us to Laches Wood x

26th Apr 2012, 16:13

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