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15th Apr 2012, 16:28   | tags:,,


Viv says:

love the look in his eyes :)

15th Apr 2012, 18:30

hildegard says:

Yep, that's his "Comply or Die" look.
I see it a lot.

15th Apr 2012, 20:33

Twiglet says:

You kept him? I seem to remember you were trying to re home this good looking fella...

16th Apr 2012, 06:21

hildegard says:

That was the original plan but he had some serious behavioural problems after being a stray. Not many folks want a cat who bites to the bone on a regular basis.

We got him all cuddly as well as vaccinated, castrated & so forth, & he was ready to be advertised for rehoming just before last xmas, whereupon he took ill & spent 10 days hovering between life & death due to an unsuspected heart defect. Really thought I was going to have to put him down but to the astonishment of all concerned, he turned the corner on xmas eve. Boy's got a real sense of timing. :)

He'll probably stay here for good now - he's unlikely to make old bones & at some point will need to go onto permanent medication.

16th Apr 2012, 08:23

Twiglet says:

A problem puss in more ways than one.. And a Christmas miracle! Does he get on any better with Oscar?

16th Apr 2012, 08:46

hildegard says:

They do get on better now - evidenced by their regular pincer attacks on neighbour cats. I realised they could be forced to appreciate, if not to love, one another by simple dint of turning off the central heating on cold days. Worked a treat & I now often find them heaped into a little snoring puddle of blue & red fur. :)

16th Apr 2012, 09:16

Javama says:

Stunning photo. I see you have your hands full!

16th Apr 2012, 10:20

Jane Doe says:

Now I want to see a pic of the two boys entwined : ) I must be going soft in my old age, I never used to get gooey over cat pics

16th Apr 2012, 18:29

hildegard says:

Will try to get a decent pic - I have some but they're so blurry the boys might as well be a pile of Edwardian ladies' collars.

BTW, it was xmas 2010 when B took ill, not "last xmas".

16th Apr 2012, 19:06

silar31 says:

He's a lovely wee fella and I'm sorry to hear about the heart condition. JB had a bad ticker too, and was on some serious meds for it in her last few years. With the meds, she was a happy girl up to her very last day.

16th Apr 2012, 23:39

swamprose says:

Oscar!! polite demand for Oscar photo.

18th Apr 2012, 15:38

hildegard says:

Silar - sorry to hear that JB's no more. B's recovery impressed the vets as they'd anticipated having to keep him on meds from his first crisis but he's trundling along nicely without support.

18th Apr 2012, 22:43