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Hi. Welcome to the blog for Leven Primary School. This space is for the staff and children at the school to create a log of what they've been getting up to. Use the numbers at the bottom of the page to see previous posts, and keep checking back for regular updates.

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26th Apr 2012, 07:48  

Ellie d says:

i learnt a bit more ratio

26th Apr 2012, 08:44

Ellie d says:

the equitment helped me

26th Apr 2012, 08:46

kye says:

i learned how to do ratio and it was rally fun.

26th Apr 2012, 08:46

Jasmine says:

I had fun yesterday, the thing that helped me the most was my group. Me and my group choose the right equipment for what we was doing. We had a little problem with one of our team mates, they kept going over to different groups.Next time I would try to go in a bigger group so all of us could do chalking together.

26th Apr 2012, 08:47

Lydia says:

I learnt how easy and quicker it was to turn objects 10 times smaller. The thing that helped me to learn was the measuring equiptment and my partner. I think I used the right equiptment to measure. The one problem was drawing the objects on the floor when it was 3.6m on the real thing. I would maybe get a better piece of equipment.

26th Apr 2012, 08:47

Jessica H says:

I really enjoyed yesterday. Me and my group chose the right equitment to meausure the garden. My group helped me the most. The metre sticks helped me as well. I think next time We should have four or five people in a group.

26th Apr 2012, 08:48

Matthew D says:

I learnt to use ratio on a scale of 1 to 10.I used a metre stick chalk and my brain.We used the right equipment for most of it.I had one big problem a bad partner. Get a better partner and better measuring equipment at the right time and a scale of 1to1

26th Apr 2012, 08:48

Ellie D says:

no i had a metre stick and that was it

26th Apr 2012, 08:48

philipa says:

When i did the plan of the garden i lernt more about ratio. The thinges that halped me to learn was my parteners. I think i did chuse the right ecutnint. I wold tack mor caire.

26th Apr 2012, 08:48

Grace C says:

it was a very good leason we did the plan of the garden plots we had to measure the real thing the divide by 10 and draw it on the floor.i learnt that it was very easy when you get the hang of it.the big tap measure then we didn't have to spend ages measering the real thing.i think we did use the right aquipment.

26th Apr 2012, 08:49

Matthew S says:

I enjoyed the lesson on Wednesday. My group was alright I suppose but it wasnt all that group. One person in my group kept wondering off to other groups. I learnt that not all groups are good. Mr. Dolman helped me learn to do ratio which is what we were doing. I think I used the right equipment. A metre stick a ruler and some chalk.

26th Apr 2012, 08:50

Ellie d says:

i had a problem because when i put a line down it was wrong

26th Apr 2012, 08:51

Emilia says:

I have learnt that how easy dividing by 10 can by. Before I thourght I knew every thing about the ten times table but now I know more.
The thing that helped me to learn was getting some bits wrong such as instead of dividing by 10 my gourp and I made a mestake of dividing by 100, oops.
I think we did use the right equipment because it really helped my group and I.
next time I would like to finsh my work.
It was gret fun.

26th Apr 2012, 08:52

Katie P Year 5 says:

In maths i learnt how to draw ratio 1:10 and draw a plan of the school garden at a scale . My group helped me to learn because they helped mesure and the equipment. I used the right equipment. The one problem was that my partner kept messing around. I would plan what we are going to do first next time.

26th Apr 2012, 08:52

Bethany w yr 5 says:

In maths i learnt how to draw ratio 1:10 and draw a plan of the school garden.
My group and the equipment helped me to learn.
The equitment that i used was a meter stick to measure and chalk to draw the plan.
The problem was that it rained and it ruined our plan.

26th Apr 2012, 08:52

Ellie d says:

I would start with the back beds

26th Apr 2012, 08:52

kye says:

the equiptment hellpt me to lean but Katie was bossy. yes i used the right stuf. Ihad to overcome weking wih gils.

26th Apr 2012, 08:53

Ella w says:

it was really fun yesterday when everyone was working they was a few wanderes (it was funny). What we had to do was we had to do a scale af the gardening club bit wich is very good.

26th Apr 2012, 08:53

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