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Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti : “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

"The bottom line is that the same supplement used by two different people for the same condition can produce two entirely different results. What does that mean? It means that gulping down "miracle herbs" and "miracle supplements" to treat disease is like trying to hit a clay pigeon in the sky, with a 22-caliber rifle . . . while blindfolded. The odds are very much against you.

The secret to health, the secret to all the success that the great alternative healers share, is that they look to raise every inch of a person's Personal Health Line. If you do that, if you raise the entire line, the odds are in your favor. In fact, it's almost impossible to miss."

Jon Barron...

on using glucotor.
on balancing blood sugar.
Jon Barron is the person to whom I turn to for verification, whenever I read about something new. (This doesn't mean I follow every recommendation he makes, or follow a vegetarian diet which he recommends - just that he writes with such clarity about complicated conditions and presents a scientific approach to the subject of nutritional therapy.

George Bernard Shaw

"It is easy... terribly easy... to shake a man's faith in himself. To take advantage of that, to break a man's spirit, is the devil's work"

Words of wisdom by J.K.Rowling
The single mother's manifesto

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Beth once challenged me on my measure of whisky being more than a double, but I had checked on it and knew I was right and so won that challenge. Now if she had challenged me on how many units were in my wine glass I would have lost! This glass is the smallest of my wine glasses, I considered it a small glass. In order to achieve 21 or less units a week (which I had thought I did sometimes!) and also in order to be aware of the extra cals alcohol contributes, I decided to record alcohol units and calories in my diary. I discovered that this glass which I thought not quite full would hold 1 unit 'ish' will hold 2.5 units and still a little room left approx 145 cals which is not too bad. The other problem is the way alcohol works with the body! Anyway I am now informed so will try to act accordingly. It is a treat I don't want to give up because it is one of few that I can have on a low carb diet!
3rd May 2012, 13:53  


crickson says:

I usually drink a glass of beer or wine with my meals, although I also keep at least one day a week alcohol-free.

3rd May 2012, 14:41

Vivupclose says:

I drink my wine or beer as an evening treat as that suits me and also my reading has taught me that the body treats alcohol as a toxin,
and as a result, the liver processes alcohol before food in an attempt to clear the bloodstream. The sugar from the food is left in the blood and the body releases isulin to lower the sugar, which leads to the storing of some of the sugar in fat cells, but in my case it gives me a sugar spike, which is exactly what I don’t and if I take insulin to lower my blood sugar... more stored fat is not what I need.

But its fine for healthy fit people like yourself :) I too usually have one or more days without alcohol.

3rd May 2012, 17:13

hildegard says:

You're not that far from Rawtenstall, are you? You could indulge yourself with a spot of old-fashioned abstinence;

3rd May 2012, 17:29

Vivupclose says:

I have heard about this place - looks good, but soft drinks are off the menu too :)

3rd May 2012, 19:32

Craft says:

I think I consumed 6 months worth of units last night.... : - (

4th May 2012, 08:15

Vivupclose says:

Oh dear - I was good last measure of my birthday malt nothing else :)

4th May 2012, 11:29

Helen says:

I think the picture on the bottle is misleading! That looks like a normal glass.

Been considering some sort of blog to deal with my muddled efforts to control/alleviate this IBS-or-whatever-it-is thing that I have had for the last three years. Dairy's definitely definitely out, since I realised that I have been diarrhoea free for the over a month that I've been dairy free (hmmm a blog might be a bit much, who wants to know about my bodily functions). Although I have read that butter might be ok, along with goat and sheep stuff. But the problem is when I eat goat and sheep cheese it just leads me back to the cow stuff, so maybe it should be saved for eating out and special occasions.

Wheat-free has been ok so far. The distention has not gone altogether, but it is not quite so severe. Doves Farm make a really lovely wheat free flour, very light and fine which made some great dumplings. Again, as it does seem to make an actual difference I may save wheat for meals out. It's easily enough avoided at home.

Avoiding lentils, beans and chick peas has also made a noticeable difference, along with cabbage and other notorious gas-producers. Been substituting barley for lentils in soups and stuff and it works quite well. Joe's definitely noticed a difference. He's actually quite sad about it.

I think caffeine has to go too.

Fruit's the only thing that causes me pain (apples, pears, peaches...) which is sad.

Who needs a blog, when I can just hi-jack yours?

4th May 2012, 18:16

Viv says:

Joe's sad because he sees you are better without these things - but your food is very limited?
Fruit is very sad - you will just have to feast on the ones you can eat. Does cooking them make a difference?

It is a normal glass and it holds 250ml - so 2 units - must have been muddled when I did this - but it was first thing in the morning! Never been a morning person :)

Was reading about aloe vera today

I am counting carbs of anything but low GI foods so I have an idea how much insulin to use it was only 50 yesterday and has not reached that today.

4th May 2012, 20:00

hildegard says:

H - I'm going to get all didactic on you now. I've seen too many people self-diagnose food intolerances, when what they really needed was antibiotics, a coeliac management plan, or some other bona fide medical intervention.

You need to figure out if your problem with dairy is a reaction to milk sugars or (less common) to milk proteins. That will tell you what dairy products, if any, are problematic for your body. You can only determine this with the aid of a genuine medical doctor & a proper lab. Remember - never trust a hippy, especially not one that wants your money for dietary "advice".

If you were vegan for over 18 months, your ability to digest milk as a drink is probably gone for good, the alleles you need to continue to produce lactase have simply ceased to function & probably won't re-start. Congratulations; you're now officially weaned. ;)

Very aged cheeses & butter should be ok if your problem is milk sugar (lactose), as most of the lactose is present in the whey of milk. Aging cheeses destroys even more of the lactose so a really old Parmesan should be fine. Modern yoghourts with their madeupnameaphiulius cultures seem anecdotally to be less digestible than those using traditional cultures. You could try wholemilk live yoghourts. It seems counterintuitive but the bacteria break down lots of the lactose, & infuriatingly, low-fat products often have loads of extra lactose from the dairy derivitatives with which they're bulked.

If you need to avoid quite so many different foodstuffs, I'm begging you to push for a proper medical diagnosis. Wheat, for example - it's actually rare for people to need to eliminate wheat as the root of their trouble, but other GI problems can make it seem to the sufferer that wheat is the culprit. That's why GI docs are so keen that people get an endoscopy before cutting out swathes of their diet. Eliminating problem foods can simply serve to mask symptoms of an underlying disorder that requires treatment.

Three years of symptoms without diagnosis has gone past patient management - you deserve & need an explanation.

It's laudable that you're trying to manage your own pain & inconvenience, but honestly, it's time your GP & the gastro-intestinal department of a nearby hospital started giving you some help.

I says this as was born with no ability to process lactose. Fortunately, I was adopted, & thus bottlefed on some weird powder that didn't involve much lactose. Big result for me, as some kids with the problem can't even digest their own mothers' milk. These days, I eat butter in moderation, a rare live Greek yoghourt, & young cheeses only if I'm guaranteed to be alone for the next 24hrs. ;)

4th May 2012, 20:26

Helen says:

I went through several tests three years ago, blood tests, ultrasounds and a barium x-ray to rule out all the nasties.

They diagnosed pernicious anaemia (I was taking the multivits, honest) and then somehow I managed to raise my B12 back to normal levels using B12 tablets from Holland and Barretts. I've had a few more blood tests since then, but after that the doctors didn't really offer anything more except prescriptions for peppermint tablets and something that gave me indigestion. I have raised anti-nuclear antibodies and was told to google lupus, but not to worry about it as the count was very low. I lost faith a bit after that.

I was vegan for 6 months in 2008, but gave up a year before the symptoms appeared. They came on after two bouts of gastroenteritis within 6 months of one another.

I've been dairy free for about 6 weeks now, and the sore throats have gone as well as the diarrhoea and my eczema has improved. Dairy has caused me various problems for a long while.

The GPs couldn't be less interested. The first one I saw prodded my tummy, asked what I did for a living and said "oh you're a lawyer it'll be IBS then".

I don't want to cut out these things completely. I adore chickpeas, green beans are my favourite food (actually I don't think they're a problem) and I'm not giving up fruit, ever. I just want less discomfort and embarrassment in my day to day life. The dairy does seem to make quite a difference. It's not unusual for me to get up in the morning and feel effectively hung-over until about 2pm, now I'm properly awake by 10am and less foggy in the morning.

I do believe in the psychosomatic though. The performance I put on if I have to have blood taken from me is quite extraordinary and I make myself fee physically sick and faint. So yes, on top of all this I am constantly questioning myself whether it is all in my head. Whether I can cause distention subconsciously. It's in danger of driving me crazy and those around me crazy.

4th May 2012, 21:26

Helen says:

Mum, cooked fruit has never caused me a problem. I know gran had issues with fruit. I can't give up nectarines and peaches though.

Melon's fine and apple juice seems ok.

Wish food wasn't something we have to "manage". I can accept that there should be consequences when we eat bad things, but lentils?!

4th May 2012, 22:18

bethmadethis says:

Oh I don't really have anything to add. Good luck the two of you xx

4th May 2012, 23:33