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7th Jun 2012, 14:01  

swamprose says:

Вася, пожалуйста, прекратите помещать одеяла вниз туалет.

8th Jun 2012, 14:46

bfish says:

You are amazing!

9th Jun 2012, 00:29

swamprose says:

Yes, I am amazing, but my good friend Maria, who is Russian, thought it was very funny, and helped me with the comment.

for mobloggers who do not read Russian, this is a sign that says basically that 'you should not flush blankets down the toilet. You have been warned.'

I commented, 'Bfish, you have to stop flushing blankets down the toilet'.

9th Jun 2012, 02:14

Earthlad says:

Thank-you swamprose I was just about to ask for help from my twitter stream, its still a strange msg.

10th Jun 2012, 01:53

swamprose says:

Earthlad, bfish has a wonderful sense of humour, and he is Russian. This makes him interesting and hard to understand. Evidently, if you live in a Russian apartment, this is part of life. A kind of Russian graffiti.

10th Jun 2012, 04:56

bfish says:

It's not really a warning, more of a statement of the fact, that one of my lovely neighbours did flush a blanket down the toilet. The board politely asks this clever person to come out, to get slapped a fine.
I thought, since I don't moblog often, this could make a good top post. Could help the house administration, maybe.

Swamprose, "there is no such thing as mysterious Russian soul, only bad translation".

10th Jun 2012, 08:09

swamprose says:

No mysterious Russian soul? I am shocked. Bad translation, yes, very true.

Actually, I've been thinking about how to put a blanket down the toilet. It would not be easy. Any tips?

10th Jun 2012, 14:35

Viv says:

I read a google translation but was still mystified so gave up :)

10th Jun 2012, 14:49

Earthlad says:

I was original going to say if its an orange blanket cut it into gold fish shapes, he he. So you could get a fine for putting blanket in thesystem how kwl they should also give a tax for people putting detergent s down the system,

11th Jun 2012, 17:37

Earthlad says:

Hey bfish why you not post? Ive only +RT to rely on. Lol

11th Jun 2012, 17:39

Earthlad says:

Come to think of it I think sweden has a poo weighing machine and a gallery for public consumption.

11th Jun 2012, 17:43

Earthlad says:

Ps my fave site for my pics, it gave them a Russian toy camera effect, but sadly its closing down, so can you send me a real Russian toy camera plz

11th Jun 2012, 18:16

bfish says:

we export all our toy cameras. you can't find any in Russia.

12th Jun 2012, 14:16

swamprose says:

Canada exports all its oil and gas so we can buy it back from an international company.

12th Jun 2012, 21:32

Earthlad says:

Big up to the students in canada, your setting a good example. According to the news im receiving the country is falling apart.

The uk is busy exporting big brother

13th Jun 2012, 10:57

billion says:

and 'britain's got talent'. bleeargh...

I like the fact that someone has to be told not to flush blankets down toilets.

19th Jun 2012, 18:16