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A craft moment:
Thing....* *Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye.* Marie Louise De La Ramee

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*Would I be singing this song to someone else instead?*

We have these in the garden, masses of them!

And of course I love Jarvis Cocker x
18th Aug 2012, 09:38   | tags:,,,


shitake says:

It's rather obvious why the lovely flowers, cos who doesn't like them. :)
But why you love Jarvis it's already not so obvious, so would you explain, please. :]

Btw, did you know that
Japanese anemones aren't
really Japanese at all—in fact,
they were developed about
125 years ago by nurserymen
in England, France and Germany, who used several
Chinese species (Anemone
vitifolia and A. hupehensis var.
japonica) to create what we
now know as A. x hybrida—an
entirely man-made plant, despite its simple, unaffected
appearance. Although these
plants may not be found in

18th Aug 2012, 20:31

Craft says:

Hello! Thanks for the info about the flowers. I bought the house last Spring, it is a weekend place for us near the coast. Last Summer and Autumn everyone I care about had holidays or weekends here, but not all at the same time! The only payment I asked for was that they planted something in the garden. So this year we have had so many garden surprises, some we can't even name...These anemones were someone's gift to us for a holiday.. I am sitting in the surprise garden now, watching the bats : - )

I love Jarvis Cocker (and Pulp of course) because I sing his songs, admire his other stuff and well, he has such a beautiful shaped mouth! The title and line are from *Something Changed* which is a favourite song of mine and Glen too x

There is a song called *A Little Soul* about a father abandoning his son which is also a great favourite of mine for personal reasons.

18th Aug 2012, 21:13

shitake says:

Oh yes, the mouth of Jarvis : ) ♥

Almost as this ;)

It's my new profile photo btw..

Um,, anemones and bats! Kinda romantic horror ;)
U r lucky man, I mean the garden thing.
Been reading an interesting fic( ok. this is "/" ;) )
"about" a beautiful garden and the very protective owner( doesn't mean that was "garden/owner" lol )

As to Jarvis and Pulp,
Wow, I had no idea that somewhere existing so fabulous thing like "Something Changed"!
"A little soul" .. really don't know what to say..

Both lyrics are brilliant. ♥

I know it's a shame, but knew only "Common People" :(

Would you suggest some next title of Pulp from your favourites?

19th Aug 2012, 21:37

Craft says:

Nice pic sweetheart, is it one of the Winchesters?

I am indeed lucky, we call the house *The Gingerbread House* because that's what it looks like. It's a cottage really but that has a gay second meaning in the UK so I say house! I will post some more photos of the flowers that have come up this year!

Pulp and all that Brit pop stuff provided the soundtrack to my life when I was going through a period of intense change, good change, a happy time. And my life has stayed mainly happy since and I have an amazing career, a good life.

My favourite Pulp songs we have already mentioned but I also like *Do you remember the first time* I love the lyrics ♥

Edit: *Cottaging* is a gay term and even though I'm in a same sex relationship myself I don't want anyone giggling about my lovely house because of that... An explanation for you!

19th Aug 2012, 22:54

Twiglet says:

Once again you have managed to make the flower look incredibly exotic ; - )

Why didn't you ask the house guests to write down what they had planted in the visitors' book?

19th Aug 2012, 23:20

CandyMan says:

G is down playing his devotion to Pulp here shitake, he absolutely loves those tracks he has mentioned and regularly sings *something changed* on the Karaoke.

Good to see you telling a bit of back story G : - ) xx

20th Aug 2012, 12:19

Craft says:

Twiglet: Some did! *We have sown handfuls of poppy seeds in the rough bit between the garage and the shed* : - )

CM: It doesn't do for me to give away too many of my secrets. I might become a regular human being.. Are you sure that's what you want?? ♥

20th Aug 2012, 19:49

Wendle says:

In these comments i misread 'exotic' as 'erotic' and 'handfuls' as 'handcuffs'. I need a nap.

The photo's pretty though :)

21st Aug 2012, 14:38

shitake says:

Uh Wendle.. ;))

22nd Aug 2012, 07:36

Craft says:

Why thanks you two for lowering the tone....: - )

22nd Aug 2012, 09:54

shitake says:

: )
Anyway here is that comment which I should post earlier but had (have :() some strange technical) problems..

Candy Man- I see. ;)
Ah "regularly sings Something Changed"?
Wow, that for sure hot thing to watch :]

Craft- Whoa,

I don't even dare, to think about this! (I mean the giggling thing).

22nd Aug 2012, 18:44

CandyMan says:

Wow! You have a lot of pretty boys to look at here G...

22nd Aug 2012, 21:19

Craft says:

Oh yeah... ; - )

22nd Aug 2012, 22:34