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Pun-derful food but not quite a belly laugh

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27th Aug 2012, 10:53  

rhys says:


27th Aug 2012, 11:03

shitake says:

Oh my.. :)
Btw. the Seoul Mate, thinking about Korean cuisine I'm usually very hungry, cos in my opinion the original cuisine is the best. Healthy and super tasty. :)

27th Aug 2012, 21:44

Wendle says:

There is a noodle bar in town that has an awful name that escapes me right now, but whenever we pass BeardyMan tell me he'd name his noodle bar 'Wok and Roll'.

28th Aug 2012, 14:03

taniwha says:

Love Korean food Shitake. Like all the separate bits they give you.

Wok and Roll is a good one.

30th Aug 2012, 11:21

Wendle says:

Names he has come up with since my last comment...

A chain of restaurants with a noodle menu based on worldwide cuisine: Woking All Over The World.

A noodle bar in the centre of Nottingham: Castle Wok.

A noodle bar opposite a certain music venue in Nottingham: Wok City.

A stationary shop by day, a noodle bar by night: Wok, Paper, Scissors.

30th Aug 2012, 12:17

taniwha says:

Mozart themed Chinese restaurant: Wok me Amadeus

and with Robot Wars entertainment: Wok 'em, sock 'em robots!

30th Aug 2012, 12:58

Dhamaka says:

and 'tanning at your convenience' in Holborn (now defunct, was real)

11th Sep 2012, 21:51

Jane Doe says:

loving the wok puns

16th Sep 2012, 20:34

MaggieD says:

Wok On :)

19th Sep 2012, 19:40