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Chocolate Santas spotted in the Co-op.
27th Sep 2012, 19:18  

MaggieD says:

Not so much a Ho Ho Ho but a No No No!
Those Santas look like they are on the downward slope to Xmas hell! I do like second santa's eyes looking pleadingly to the right (hoping for salvation)

28th Sep 2012, 19:45

rhys says:


28th Sep 2012, 20:14

Viv says:

ditto both!

28th Sep 2012, 23:12

Dania says:

Huh. I had to double-check. It is still September, right?

29th Sep 2012, 21:55

Dhamaka says:


29th Sep 2012, 22:29

Wendle says:

As if anyone buying these would be able to save them until christmas.

30th Sep 2012, 12:15

Dania says:

Wendle makes a good point.

30th Sep 2012, 12:25

swamprose says:

You guys so need Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving. It fends off Christmas nicely.

1st Oct 2012, 13:42

taniwha says:

Wendle has a point. I remember that last year they were selling christmas mince pies so early that the expiry date was a fair few weeks before Christmas.

2nd Oct 2012, 09:48

Wendle says:

Also, the closer you wait till christmas, the cheaper everything is.

3rd Oct 2012, 15:17

taniwha says:

Swamprose - the Christmas stuff is right next to the Hallowe'en stuff. But I would like Thanksgiving. I've enjoyed the T-giving dinners I have attended.

5th Oct 2012, 11:16

you should make these your christmas cards this year.........................

5th Oct 2012, 20:59

crickson says:

The earliest I've ever seen Christmas stuff in a shop was in August, in York. I think I put it on moblog actually...

9th Oct 2012, 07:17