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Raven coughs up a rock

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Winnet was about to burst into tears when she felt a light pecking at
her shoulder. It was Abednego, the raven she loved. He hopped beside
her ear

"You won't lose your power you know you'll use it differently, that's all."

"How do you know?" Winnet sniffed.

"Sorcerors can't take
their gifts back, it says so in the book."

"And what if I stay?"

"You will find yourself destroyed by grief. All you know will be around
you, and at the same time far from you. Better to find a new place

Winnet thought about this, while the raven balanced patiently on
her shoulder.

"Will you come with me?"

"I can't, I'm bound here, but take this."

The raven flew down and, as far as Winnet could see, started vomiting on the flags. Then he rearranged his feathers, and dropped a rough brown pebble into her hand.

"Thank you" said Winnet "What is it?"

"It's my heart."

"But it's made of stone."

"I know." the raven replied sadly.

"You see I chose to stay, oh a long time ago, and my heart grew thick with sorrow, and finally set. It will remind you."

-- Jeanette Winterson, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

There is more story to this raven which I'll post on my website soon. He was made for a friend of Helen's and Helen made a special box for him which I hope she will post..
16th Oct 2012, 17:26  

nige says:

'tis rather wonderful.

17th Oct 2012, 09:21

bethmadethis says:

Thanks he is made from a body of metal scrap, individually cut sheet feathers and metal clay, I've always loved ravens so it was nice to be able to make a silver one, I might have pushed for it a little :)

17th Oct 2012, 10:11

Viv says:

ooh hope I get to meet him x

18th Oct 2012, 02:50

bethmadethis says:

Nope don't imagine you will now.. he is in his new home

18th Oct 2012, 12:26

crickson says:

Lovely work. Corvids are very special, they can recognise individual people who are kind to them, or mean to them. They recognise themselves in a mirror and have even been known to mark the death of a fellow bird with unique behaviours. You might call it a funeral.

22nd Oct 2012, 15:47

Dania says:

It's wonderful.

23rd Oct 2012, 22:39

swamprose says:

lovely, and a story to boot. Metal clay! I've read about it, took out a book from the library about it, started looking for a place to buy I have to get some.

24th Oct 2012, 15:43

bethmadethis says:

It's good if you want to add detail to something but a lot more expensive per gram than sheet so not incredibly good to make whole pieces out of. Typically you'd get a drug sized bag of the stuff so you'd be only looking at making something as big as a thimble.

Here I've used it to smooth out the look of the piece. I try to do as much as I can in sheet (and in bits of scrap as possible, which is fine for small things like the feathers) and then use the clay to add a smooth texture because otherwise you end up filing off a lot and your silver turning into dust.

My friend Alex went to the Assay museum in Birmingham once, he said that the workers there used to have to shower after every day in special cubicles where the drains would catch all the gold and silver dust off their bodies and clothes before they were allowed to go home.

24th Oct 2012, 15:49

bethmadethis says:

There is more to the story up here

24th Oct 2012, 15:50

bethmadethis says:

Ash - sorry i completely missed your comment! Yes I really like ravens.. they are really bright I seem to remember a program that uncovered they recognised people for years. There were a few on the bandstand on my old walk to uni, I liked to think they had me on their radar.

27th Oct 2012, 00:45

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