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Oh, that lovely feeling of being burgled

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Bastards! We were in the house too. About £2k worth of stuff gone.
4th Nov 2012, 10:49   | tags:,,,

Jane Doe says:

Scary. Sorry about your stuff, but glad you're ok

4th Nov 2012, 12:27

hildegard says:

You were in?!

As JD says, thank goodness there were no fisticuffs, at least.

Wretched to lose so much in one go, mind.

4th Nov 2012, 12:35

Viv says:

That is horrid - painful in every way

4th Nov 2012, 12:43

rhys says:

Yep, we're all OK. We were in the front room, they (two white males in their early 20s) creped past within metres of the room to go upstairs. The audacity of it! Anna happened to go to the toilet and met them at the bottom of the stairs. She did throw one (girly) punch and gave chase out into the back garden. We didn't hear the commotion until she came back and got us, but by then they had too much of a head start running down the road, despite Matt's athletic capabilities!

An iPad, MacBook Pro, iPod, camera, purses and cash all gone. The Police were tracking the iPad for a while but then the burglars turned it off. Next time its turned on it will give us a new location and email us. Our only real hope though is the CCTV cameras on a pub they ran past, or details of the taxi driver who picked them up.

4th Nov 2012, 14:44

Twiglet says:

The most important thing is that you are all safe. What a bummer though.... I've worked in housing for years, you would be horrified if you knew the amount of people I have dealt with who were burglared while they were in the property... : - (

4th Nov 2012, 18:40

taniwha says:

That's an awful experience. I imagine my home as a safe place but this make that belief just dissolve. But their burglary was pretty focused by the sounds of it.

5th Nov 2012, 09:30

crickson says:

That's awful (and scary). I hope that they got nothing of sentimental value. Also, good luck with the police and courts. I hope they do their jobs and you get some justice.

5th Nov 2012, 09:39

Earthlad says:


6th Nov 2012, 20:19

rhys says:

Thanks all.

Yes, they seemed pretty focussed on portable electrical items. Bizarrely though, they left my wallet and watch strewn on my bed. We're working on the insurance now, and fingers crossed we won't end up too much out of pocket. Its just the inconvenience and thoughts behind it all now.

Police have been very, very good. Immediate response was quick, 'personal' service by our Inspector, follow up phone calls, his direct mobile and email to contact, phone call from victim support yesterday. Even if they don't catch them or retrieve the items, it genuinely feels as if they have an interest and care.

7th Nov 2012, 07:35