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How Does Homeopathy Work?

The Story of Bottled Water

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Viv says:

made me smile - we all need a smile!

18th Nov 2012, 16:55

hildegard says:

Heh, glad you like him, he was doing some sort of sport when the alarm went off & only grabbed his outerwear so he could restrain the traffic & let the engine exit the station (very narrow streets round there).

18th Nov 2012, 17:22

Jane Doe says:

: ) Love how no one else looks fazed about it, Parisians are so damn cool. Having said that, the red cagoule on the stand at the back looks a bit startled...
Edit: am also thinking he looks like a Pride revenant

19th Nov 2012, 07:34

taniwha says:

Hoping the hi-vis jacket is drawing attention away from the legs

19th Nov 2012, 10:06

hildegard says:

Aw, be fair T; those aren't bad pins. At least there's some definition there. ;)

JD - after the trouble the Pompiers de Paris got into with hazing last year, Pride didn't really occur to me.

However, you may enjoy the Young Ecologists' comment on the UMP's inability to elect a leader combined with their baffling opposition to gay marriage;

19th Nov 2012, 13:37

Jane Doe says:

Scroll down to the In Gay We Trust video for some pretty spirited resistance to Parisian small-mindedness:


20th Nov 2012, 13:16

hildegard says:

I can't load that vid but I've seen a lot of other stuff from Sunday's demo.

The Femen protestors were beaten up by the soi-disant Christians of the Insitut Civitas. I've got a good Concordance yet simply cannot find the verse where Jesus enjoins his followers to break people's teeth.

Then again, I can't find anything he says about homosexuality either, so I still can't grasp why these metaphysical oddballs can't just let it go, like they've let go wearing tzitzits & the prohibition on eating lobster.

Alain Escada's thugs also beat up a journalist who was there to cover the Femen protest. Escada's response was to call into question the professionalism of the journalist & to imply that her presence was provocative. He described the violence more generally as "understandable exasperation" ie, the old "the bitches deserved a slap" song.

He is also, hilariously, trying to bring some sort of civil action against either the journailst herself or Femen.

I am feeling intensely exasperated by M Escada - do you think he'd turn the other cheek if I kicked him smartly in the arse?

(BTW, do an image search for Escada - he's clearly Michael "Dame School" Gove's lost brother.)

20th Nov 2012, 14:07

Jane Doe says:

According to Wikipedia, Gove is adopted, so you never know...

Talking of whom, did you see this article?

20th Nov 2012, 14:23

hildegard says:


20th Nov 2012, 14:46