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11th Jan 2013, 07:15   | tags:

kristiyan says:

storm is coming on number 6?

14th Jan 2013, 10:28

bfish says:

who cares. look at number 8 :) It's the worst seats at The Cure's concert.

14th Jan 2013, 15:45

Dhamaka says:


14th Jan 2013, 19:58

bfish says:

my balcony.
it was raining, so, maybe, not so bad

14th Jan 2013, 20:57

Dania says:

I like #3.

14th Jan 2013, 23:48

swamprose says:

damn mysterious russians without explanations. how the hell am I supposed to know it was the Cure? or what you make if your hands go a thousand miles a minute? Musa is just tasty. Would you please take some time with ignorant idiots and say what each thing is? Or would you like me to do my own interpretation?

15th Jan 2013, 01:03

bfish says:

Go, take your camera out - you post even less then I do.

These are the same things I usually post: weather reports, view from my windows, Stella, and Musa, + a rabbit.

1 Stella, knitting while commuting
2 Musa, ignoring pigeons
3 A sunset, this August
4 Stella, explaining things about nail polish, while we are waiting for noodle soup
5 Stella, typing away
6 Stormy weather, early October, I think
7 My new neigbours' rabbits. I was rabbit-sitting this December.
8 The Cure concert through a spyglass. Heavy showers and lightnings all over. June 11th

The post is here, because I broke my phone. Otherwise these videos could have slept there for ages.

15th Jan 2013, 04:05

mara says:

Great number 6.
I enjoyed the concert of The Cure :D

15th Jan 2013, 08:31

swamprose says:

thank you for the translation. did Musa meet the rabbit? what is the graphic in the waiting for noodle soup/nail polish explanation video?

I don't post because I spend all my time on moblog deleting spam AND because I have nothing to say anymore. But, because you dumped your phone, I will go figure out how to download my phone. I will rise to the challenge.

15th Jan 2013, 21:25

swamprose says:

I still have not posted. Apologies.

6th Feb 2013, 04:57

bfish says:


Forgive me too. The noodle illustration is by Vitaliy 'Barandash' Ilyin. He specialises in alien skulls. There, for the restaurant tablecloth, he did something less creepy.

7th Feb 2013, 05:33

bfish says:

7th Feb 2013, 05:38

Viv says:

love the conversation - will be back helping deletion soon x

8th Feb 2013, 18:59

minushabens says:


8th Mar 2013, 12:37