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"I tried once to open too many doors at a time, it was unproductive and confusing.
I just learned the last lesson, Dad. I'm supposed to open just one at a time, and only when I reach them along the path, this 'hike' we are taking. That's when the key fits, and opens the lock perfectly, every time. Thank you, Dad. I love you, and miss you. I am blessed with an amazing husband now, he holds my hand as we walk along paths too. We are climbing a little steeper now, with more effort, and thinner air. But I'm not worried. I am looking up. I am living in the moment, being now. Because when we get to the next door, along our path, I know, Dad, . . . that key is going to fit, perfectly!"

excerpt from Pony, 6/6/2013 post
© ruth follmann

Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License

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Rockman does it again!

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He just won't stop with yesterday's fossil dig tally of teeth 135 teeth, including Great White, Snaggletooth, Lemon, Bull, Duskys, and Tigers! He also found mammal and fish vertebrae, alligator teeth, a boar tusk, a giant sloth tooth (extinct), beautiful turtle shell, horse teeth, assorted bones, alligator scutes, and possibly a saber tooth cat fang? (Awaiting positive ID @ his new fossil club) Woo Hoo!

Izzie went along and played with local kids! (The old girl is 'walkin' slow today!) Rockman said she was dragging something along the bottom of JC to get a better look at it, still couldn't, and then plunged her head into the water only to be disappointed and spit dirt! A great time was had by all!

21st Apr 2013, 20:57   | tags:,


wow thats a lot of teeth

21st Apr 2013, 21:58

yeah, it's a great hobby. he's still looking for the Megalodon! when the weather gets warmer, he'll be out of fresh water, and back in the ocean!

22nd Apr 2013, 01:10

taniwha says:

That's awesome. Still mean to go down the reknowned fossil beach on the south coast and have a dig with the kids.

When I left London, I meant to buy this very cool fossilised fish from one of those Bloomsbury curio shops near the British Museum as a souvenir of my favourite part of town. Not the same as digging it up myself but it was a pretty complete specimen.

22nd Apr 2013, 11:09

I love looking for fossils.

23rd Apr 2013, 09:06

'Fossil beach' sounds amazing, taniwha! We have fossil shows here, that may be similar to your London Shops. It always fascinates me as to how they obtained the entire fossil, unharmed ~ beautiful pieces of history!
Rockman is going with his fossil club to a quarry. Entire fossils can just be picked out of mounds of limestone. It is the search that keeps us coming back.
Hope you get to go with the kids. They will be hooked! Could be a great lifetime hobby too!

23rd Apr 2013, 11:41

Fossils rock! Alot of the fun, Strange little girl, is the identification process later, with reference books, or more knowledgeable folks. Florida is known for it's sink holes. Scary, but in times past, mammals would fall in, then the sink hole would fill, be a cave,fill with water to become aquatic: so . . . one small area can have mammals, birds, fish, etc. Very cool!

23rd Apr 2013, 11:50

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