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MomentCam for Android review

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We review MomentCam for Android – the latest viral camera craze.

What is MomentCam?

Often, imaging apps go viral and MomentCam is the latest photography app to gain a lot of attention in the social world.

Last month it was Bitstrips taking Facebook by storm and now it’s MomentCam.

The Chinese-developed app essentially allows you to make a caricature of yourself or friends just by taking a shot of a face.


Open up MomentCam and you’ll see the camera app appear, automatically set to have the front-facing camera activated for taking a selfie. You can change it to use the rear camera by tapping the icon in the top right corner.

Now, ensure you’ve got the subject’s face front on and straight, otherwise you’ll be told to re-take it and fire the shutter.

Boy or Girl?
Once MomentCam has identified the face in the picture, it’ll ask whether the subject is a boy or girl and then merge the face into the picture.

Although not the clearest facial detail, the app does use very clever technology to detect the face from within the picture.

Once the flattened face is super-imposed on a caricature’s body, you can start editing features to make it an even better representation of your subject.

To adjust the features of the face, tap on Face. Here, you can change the shape of the face, the hairstyle, add glasses and eyebrows to make it a better likeness to yourself or a friend.

Caricature Packs

Next up, you can change the design of the caricature. Options when you first open the app are Hot, Funny, Sexy and Single. You can download more packs from the store and will get one additional pack free everyday.

The third menu item along the bottom gives you the ability to change the whole style of the caricature, adding effects such as black and white, classic, ballpoint, blackboard, sticker and old painting.

You can then draw over the originally selected design to add in extra details. It’s certainly for the brave though, because trying to draw using your finger on a small screen is not easy. Unless you have the Samsung Galaxy Note, you may struggle to make them look convincing.

In-App Integration with We Chat

Like many photography apps available on Android, there’s a social networking element to MomentCam too. You can share your creations with Twitter, Facebook, plus a range of other social networking sites including Weibo, which is not available outside of China.

If you already use WeChat, you’ll find you’ll get two extra sets of styles to use when you install the app and are encouraged to share your creations on the free messaging platform – that’s certainly a reason to use WeChat even if you didn’t use it before.


Although a fantastic app with a simple interface – there’s no wonder why it’s become such a hit – there is quite a lot of development needed to make the creation of caricatures a smooth.

Many of the instructions are in very broken English making it a little hard to understand to native English speakers.

The default designs probably need to be adjusted a little for a Western audience and we just wish there was a wider range of sites you can share with such as Instagram and Flickr, plus it would be nice to be able to send the finished article via email natively in the app.

We were stunned by the facial likeness to ours though – very odd indeed!
15th Nov 2013, 06:48  


jc1000000 says:


And the WeChat integration is just kinda interesting (really quite impressed with WeChat). One other feature i like about this app is the save button is really clear and obvious - some other apps make saving an image too bloated with choices.

15th Nov 2013, 18:56