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Photosynth for iPhone review

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We review Photosynth for iPhone- an app allowing you to take very good quality 3D pictures and easily sharing them with the world.

What Is Photosynth?

Photosynth is a free app by Microsoft Corporation for iPhone, IPad and Windows Phone with an extremely simple interface that allows you to create interactive 3D panoramas horizontally, vertically and even in a full sphere, which you can easily share with the world.

When you open the app you will see a screen with three icons at the bottom.
By tapping the camera icon in the middle of the bottom of the screen, the display becomes the camera interface and you will be on your way to taking a three dimensional panorama.

You will see a rectangle with a centred dot to indicate the area being captured. After the first image is captured, you will only see a small rectangle showing the picture you have taken and the rest of the screen will be black. As you move the camera around, keeping it in the same plane of motion, not rotating it or tipping it forward or backward, the app is able to capture new portions of the panorama, automatically filling in the black background.

If the app can match up a scene as you move the camera around, the rectangle shows a green outline with a green dot. The app beeps when you are aiming the device at an area that can be added to the existing panorama. After you hear the beep, hold the device still and the app will automatically take a picture.
If the rectangle and dot are yellow, it means that the app cannot automatically take a picture and you can tap the screen to force a capture. The app is very quick, but if you are not patient enough to wait for the app to take a shot automatically you can also tap the screen to force a capture when the outline of the rectangle is green.

If the rectangle and the dot turn red it means that the system is not able to add the current image from the camera into the overall image.

The algorithm relies on identifiable features, so you should try not to use this app in an area with a lot of motion or with a plain or smooth appearance, as you will get a lot of yellow and red rectangles instead of green ones and so you will find it difficult to efficiently take a complete three-dimensional picture.
When you feel you have taken enough pictures to show the full 3D panorama, tap the done icon at the right bottom of the screen and the app will show a preview of all the frames captured. It will then rapidly stitch them together to create an impressive three-dimensional interactive image.

The resulting image may then be shared on Photosynth, on Facebook or on Twitter. It can also be emailed or saved to the Camera Roll as a non-interactive image.

Panoramas always remain in the app’s local library, where you can share or edit them later. You can access them by clicking on the right icon at the bottom of the screen.

The app also offers panning and zooming of stored panoramas.
The icon on the left at the bottom of the screen lets you access the newsfeed, where you will be able to browse through panoramas taken by other people. You will be able to search and explore panoramas from the Photosynth community to discover other interactive images that you can like, share, and comment on. You can also build a personal newsfeed by following your favourite content creators and popular topics.


How to save time with Photosynth
Once you have clicked on the done icon and the pictures are being stitched together to create a three-dimensional image, a progress bar will give you an idea of how long it is going to take to complete the panorama. Whilst you are waiting you can edit the name and description that is a simple multi-tasking addition that many other apps don't have.

How to take a perfect picture even if surprises happen with Photosynth
A three-dimensional picture requires several shots and though it may not be a very long process, it can be long enough for changes in the scene to occur. For example, if you are in the middle of taking a three-dimensional picture and a cat unexpectedly jumps in front of you, fear not as you won't have to start all over again. You can tap the screen to force a capture and take the same shot again.

How to share and explore with Photosynth
You can sign into Windows Live and create a Photosynth account by just choosing a user name. Those uploaded panoramas can be added to the site’s public index and browser and are also available as a link in Bing maps at a geographical point you can set.
You can choose whether to share your pictures publicly so that everyone is able to see them or to keep them private, with the software generating a non-searchable link. Photosynth also lets you post to Facebook and Twitter by linking to accounts. With a Twitter account registered in iOS, the app pops up a simple dialog. If the Facebook app is installed, Photosynth switches to it and lets you choose to approve its link-up. You can decide whether to upload the pictures as normal images, which you will be able to crop if necessary before you share them, or as interactive three-dimensional pictures, which people will be able to see on Facebook without having to download the Photosynth app.

Getting the Basics Right: Photosynth

How to adjust the Contrast and Brightness with Photosynth
It is not possible to change the contrast and brightness with Photosynth.

How to adjust the flash with Photosynth
The flash settings are set in the iPhone’s default camera application rather than in the Photosynth app.

How to adjust the picture quality with Photosynth
You can change the resolution and quality of pictures in the iPhone’s camera application as it is not possible to do so with Photosynth.

How to zoom using Photosynth
Although you will be able to zoom when viewing the stored panoramas, you will not be able to zoom when taking pictures.
25th Nov 2013, 17:39