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iSplash Photo for iOS Review

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We review iSplash Photo, a photo editing app for iPhone.

What is iSplash?

iSplash is a color block or black and white filter app, available in both the free and paid (99 cents - ad free) form. As we have not reviewed the paid version, all references are for the free version.
iSplash is a straightforward app with a minimal variety of uses. The app allows you to manually select specific areas of each photo where you would like colors to be featured. You cannot select which colors you would like featured in the photos - as iSplash takes from the original colors of the photo - rather, you select where in the photo you would like color to be and where the photo should remain black and white.
Upon iSplash’s initial download, there is no prompt to upload photos, so the inexperienced user is forced to navigate the app without instruction. Once familiarizing yourself with the nine icons available for use, iSplash is a simple, easy app for color blocking your photos.

Filters and Forwarding
Each uploaded image begins with a black and white filter. All color edits process immediately, and you can “un-color” any portion of the photo each step of the editing process by using the the grey spray can at the bottom of the screen, or the “back or “forward” option, accessed by the corresponding arrows at the top of the screen.

The Joys of Freemium
If you do not save edited photos to your library before closing the app, all edits will be lost. To “share” the edited photo, click the framed flower icon with the arrow pointing outward. This will then show options to either “save to library” or “email to friend.”
There are constant ads on the top of the screen, under the navigation buttons, which always block a portion of the photo and there is no way to close the ad. Most of the time, there is an accompanying ad on the bottom of the screen, covering the bottom of the photo, but there are brief moments when this ad disappears. Occasionally, when iSplash is open but idle, a full screen ad will pop up that you can easily close. After long term use of the free version, we suspect the obstructive and unremovable ads will prompt iSplash users to switch to the paid version.

iSplash Highlights

How to color and decolor a photo using the “spray can”
The spray can allows you to color any portion of the photo by tapping the part you would like to have colored.
Simply swipe or tap the portion of the photo you would like colored. Depending on the size of the desired colored portion of the photo, swiping or tapping may be easier. We generally recommend swiping for larger areas and tapping for smaller areas.
These same directions apply for the grey colored spray can which allows you to decolor any portion of your photo.

How to use the color wheel and color square
The color shapes (square and wheel) allow you to add color to your photo by creating color blocks within the photo that are the shape of the selected color shape. This feature is similar to taking a screenshot on a computer in that you must select the entire frame that you wish to color before letting go of the grab, or else the desired frame size will not be reached.
In this portion it is much easier to over select a frame size, then you can erase extra portions with the decolor spray can tool. If you under select a frame size, you will then have to create another frame to get the missed portions; at time this is difficult as the frames do not always connect as desired.

If the color frame areas or sizes are completely off, you can use the back arrow just redo your last step.

Getting the Basics Right: iSplash

How to adjust the flash with iSplash
As iSplash uses the iPhone’s built in camera for photos, simply use lightning bolt icon at the left corner of the screen to select “Auto,” “On” or “Off.”

How to adjust the picture quality with iSplash
This feature is not available with this app.

How to zoom using iSplash
To zoom into photos, swipe fingers outwards on the screen. To zoom back out, pinch fingers inwards on the screen.
3rd Dec 2013, 17:54