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The Idea of Lazy

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I've been approached multiple times in my life about me being lazy. But what exactly is lazy? By those who know me, lazy is sleeping more than 6 hours. I'll admit compared to most adults, and teenagers during the week, I get more than enough sleep. I range from about 8-15 hours of sleep per night. With the occasional 4-7 hours.

My body refuses to function properly without lots of sleep and I've learned to work with that. Like any other adult I have a job that I must go to, to get paid, and pay my bills. I also play pick up games of diffrent sports and hobbies such as landscaping, hiking/hunting/fishing, and creative writing. I am indeed what you call an "active" or "busy" person.

That being said, I don't think I'm lazy. Someone who refuses to do anything with labour or lacks ambition. I just enjoy sleep a little more than average.^^

So am I lazy?


crickson says:

You'll probably find that your need for sleep and your pattern of sleep changes a lot during your life. However, I have yet to become an early riser!

24th Mar 2014, 09:14

crickson says:

Ha ha, yes mostly she does. At the moment she wakes at about 5am asking for milk, then she goes back to sleep until 7. It's not too bad I suppose.

10th Apr 2014, 07:47