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Lluniau ffôn lôn o ddydd i ddydd gan Nwdls. Fel bara beunyddiol ond llai o waith cnoi.

Photos from Nwdls' mobile every now and again. A daily slice of laiff.

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Craeniau - Lerpwl

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30th Sep 2005, 13:44   | tags:,,,


OJ says:

Very good sky colour there - I think that will be the "Paradise Project" (a shopping centre basically) with the Radio City tower in the background.

By the way, you've reminded me that I was trying to think of non-Welsh British cities that have Welsh names and the reasons why the other day.

Llundain (London), Efrog (York, after the Roman Ebor), Lerpwl (Liverpool) because it's nearby presumably. Are there any more?

1st Nov 2005, 13:06

nwdls says:

Diolch OJ. Paradise eh?!

Croesoswallt - Oswestry
Caerhirfryn - Lancaster
Caerlyr - Leicester
Caersallog - Salisbury
Caergaint - Canterbury
Caergrawnt - Cambridge
Caerloyw - Gloucester
Caeredin - Edniburgh
Rhydychen - Oxford
Bryste - Bristol
Manceinion - Manchester
Amwythig - Shrewsbury
Caerwrangon - Worcester
Henffordd - Hereford
Catraeth - Caterick
Caerlwytgoed - Litchfield
Caint - Kent
Caerfaddon - Bath

some more here...

1st Nov 2005, 14:45

OJ says:

Wow, so many! Diolch yn fawr.

And no, it's not my idea of Paradise, but that's what they're calling it (it's on Paradise Street).

1st Nov 2005, 16:16

nwdls says:

Dim problem.

Yeah, there's the same amount of development happening in Cardiff.

Do we REALLY need more shopping centres?

Apparently yes. Though thankfully we don't have one in Aberystwyth...yet.

1st Nov 2005, 16:49