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Quick tech update re: moblog

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Just for anyone who is interested, over the last 2 months some things have been happening behind the scenes.

Mat used the funds from our Moblog paypal account to buy a bunch of new storage space.

And I've had some UK specialist developers look at the site. It was useful but they suggested that we keep things as they are for now as it will be too expensive for us to rebuild - the price they quoted was pretty high, like in the tens of thousands. But they were really cool and provided some really solid advice. It was still useful to have them look at the condition of the codebase. They said it basically would be much better to re-write it than try and fix what is here.

That's actually not the worst news as some information is better than none and to be fair on the old gal, as Swamprose calls her, Moblog still actually works and the speed and spam issues are less pronounced than before.

The other good bit of news is that I've learned and confirmed from quite a few people that India actually has a lot of really good Django developers now. And I have found a company who is introducing me to two different Django teams based out of India next week. Their rates are much more affordable so hopefully we'll get a quote from them before the end of the year.

If it's reasonable then we can make a clear plan to break the project into stages, which broadly speaking will be:
1. Create a staging version of the site which we can test on.
2. Migrate the site to new servers and upgrade to the latest version of Django.
3. Rip out the homepage and see if we can do new CSS on the site that will work better on both desktop and mobile.

Once those fixes are made, it then becomes possible to consider new features.

21st Nov 2014, 20:48  

Viv says:

big :) here

23rd Nov 2014, 15:06

jc1000000 says:

Awesome, Topher, really brilliant to meet you and get your feedback. And welcome to Moblog! I'm chuffed that you already find it useful to you.

Viv, I didn't get what your message meant for ages, but I think you mean big smile! Haha.

Anwyay, I just spoke to one Django/Python team now - am sending them all the details to come back with a formal proposal now. Fingers crossed.

24th Nov 2014, 18:52

MaggieD says:

I remember Moblog as a very vibrant and supportive community. It was a special place for a few hundred dedicated members to share photos, chat, laugh and discuss the issues of the day.
It was, as far as I recall, the first internet site that gave both financial and emotional support to it's members through a variety of fund raising activities and competions.

Moblog lost it's way when the site became so slow and unwieldy. Facebook and twitter have taken over. I am not sure that good new Django developers and new CSS will get the site back on track but I will continue to drop in and post every now and again because Moblog has aspecial place in my heart

26th Nov 2014, 22:08

jc1000000 says:

The truth is that we have to move Moblog to new servers and upgrade the codebase or we have to close it down.

That's the choice I'm facing.

26th Nov 2014, 22:23

jc1000000 says:

Found a solution. So, we're going to go ahead with stages one and two in the plan above.

29th Nov 2014, 02:17

MaggieD says:

Wow, did not know we were so close to the edge.
Congratulations on the solution :)

1st Dec 2014, 18:40

Wendle says:

Good stuff to hear. Hope it all goes well!
BeardyMan is a Django coder, so he approves :)

2nd Dec 2014, 20:37

jc1000000 says:

Everyone might experience some slow down this week as we're in final stages of the migration to a new server. All the files are being synced today and more stuff has to happen with database this week.

8th Dec 2014, 19:12

crickson says:

All sounds very promising. Glad to hear things are moving forward! :-)

23rd Dec 2014, 08:53

Dhamaka says:

we have a solution! wow cool :)
hope to chat next year xx

23rd Dec 2014, 14:18