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#CollabFest2015 part two, live from @BrewDogShoreD

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Second of the London bars we're hitting for BrewDog CollabFest 2015, and we're in the part of town where it's hardest to tell who's in Halloween costume and who isn't. Our selections for this flight:

1. Tarte Aux Pommes (Shoreditch/Redchurch, 4.7%)
Wild apple sour. Fairly good example of a sour beer, with fruit gradually coming to the fore. Not hugely powerful flavours, but they're there. Lightest/weakest we've had so far - could do with being a little punchier.

2. Blueberry Quaffle (Manchester/Blackjack, 6.0%)
Blueberry and cherry wheat beer. Good long fruity hit with a tail end of bitterness. The BBG notes a heavy fruity nose as well, like cherry bubblegum but not as sweet. Fabulous colour, too. Not something the BBG would want to drink a lot of ('not enough beeriness'), but one works just fine.

3. Honey, Jamaican Me Ginger (Edinburgh/Tempest, 7.1%)
Honey and ginger Scotch ale. First wow of the day. Spicy, without obviously being gingery (The BBG suggests cloves?), with the honey giving it a nice roundness. Stouts do this sort of thing all the time, and it's rare to see a Scotch ale playing around with spice to this degree. The BBG declares this is the nicest one she's had in this style ever.

4. Kenya Kick It? (Cardiff/Crafty Devil, 6.2%)
Black coffee IPA with cascara berries. So the Edinburgh beer was my favourite for about 30 seconds, then this happened. Huge fruitiness coming through, with the coffee as a bassline rather than the highlight it would be in a stout (but getting louder as time goes on). I always think of cascara as a laxative, although Wikipedia suggests that's the bark rather than the berries - also, that in the Chinook region, it's known as 'chittem bark'. Arf.
31st Oct 2015, 17:22