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#CollabFest2015 part three, live from @BrewDogCamden

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Stop three of four on our CollabFest 2015 crawl, and we're at what is still our favourite London BrewDog bar. Sorry, all other London BrewDog bars (and pre-emptive apologies to the Soho bar that opens later this week). Your flight this time:

1. 16|04 (Camden/Brew By Numbers, 6.5%)
Coffee & chocolate red ale. Both notes coming through strongly, with chocolate winning in the end. (Usually in these cases it's coffee.) Nice enough, but the best beers we've had today - e.g. the Eurovision rye IPA and the Cardiff cascara - have had more of a balance to them: you don't feel the need to immediately have another one with this one. It got sweeter for The BBG as time went on, not so much for me.

2. Absolem's Alt (Leicester/Mad Hatter, 5.4%)
Autumn-spiced altbier. They're not lying about the spices - very alty on the nose, but I wasn't getting much of the spice until I got it in my gob, and then you couldn't get away from it afterwards. Nice and Christmassy rather than autumnal, more the sort of spice combination you associate with mulled wine.

3. Plumdog Millionaire (Doghouse/Fyne Ales, 4.7%)
Black plum gose. Welcome to Doghouse, the second Glasgow BrewDog bar, which opened in the Merchant City district today. (We already have a date scheduled for our BrewDogging visit, and two additional things to do while we're in town. You have a few months to guess what they are.) As for the beer they're using to announce their arrival into the world, they're one of three beers in this year's fest based around plums - we'll probably have to miss out the other two. Very, very sour on the initial taste, but the plum's coming through quite late on, less so for The BBG than for me. Again, nice on its own, but you wouldn't want to make a habit of it.

4. I Am The One Who Equinox (Sheffield/Bad Seed, 6.2%)
White IPA with Sorachi Ace and Equinox. Does the terrible Breaking Bad reference mean anything? Possibly in the sense that initially you're not quite sure, but once it hits it hits hard. Gloriously complex mix of flavours - BBG suggests 'sweetness, butteryness, almost like a butter toffee'. Gluggable as hell: you could definitely imagine doing a few of these back to back for fun, rather than the quasi-scientific experiment that's going on here. (Which is still fun, in case you were wondering. Will it stay that way? We'll let you know in an hour or two...)
31st Oct 2015, 19:19