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Panasonic VS6

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text detail

(viewed 2048 times)
wow. Nice job Panasonic VS6, it's really got a clear capture of the text
here, none too grainy, clean edges.
11th Dec 2005, 11:45   comments (0)

colour range

(viewed 1211 times)
This cover has millions of colours in it, plus that strange almost
petrolly irridescence. The Panasonic VS6 hasn't done too bad a job of
capturing the colour range, even a little of that irridescence, but it's
still a bit too grainy for my liking.
11th Dec 2005, 11:44   comments (0)


(viewed 1360 times)
whoa. ok, the panasonic VS6 camera sensor does *not* handle movement
well. This is quite low movement too, just walking along trying to get
people walking in front. Loads of jiggle, total loss of detail. not good!
11th Dec 2005, 11:42   comments (0)

Low light no night mode

(viewed 1251 times)
Another ubiquitous bar shot, this time with no night vision. I've had
way worse results from a variety of manufacturers, so the VS6 doesnt do
too badly.
11th Dec 2005, 11:40   comments (0)

panasonic VS6 night mode

(viewed 2715 times)
Quite a good if un-focussed result using the night mode on the VS6. This
is a ubiquitous bar shot, very very low light, but the panasonic VS6
manages to clean up and get some detail and shadow.
11th Dec 2005, 11:37   comments (0)

more macro, black and white, Panasonic VS6

(viewed 1975 times)
In black and white the same shot of the Dalek gives much clearer results
for some reason. You can read the tag on a neighbouring toy, and overall
it's less granular and has more detail than the same shot in colour.
11th Dec 2005, 11:35   comments (0)


(viewed 3225 times)
There is no macro shot function on the VS6, so this is really just a
close up shot of one of my mini motorized Daleks. Both blurry and
without much colour range, the camera on the VS6 seems more reminiscent
of a VGA camera.
11th Dec 2005, 11:32   comments (0)

Screen Flicker

(viewed 1624 times)
Contemporary pic here, the style sheet for Maximo Parks new moblog that
didn't make the grade.As you can see, the Panasonic VS6 has done a pretty good job of
capturing the screen sans flickery lines, but really, this image is too
blurry. I held the camera very steady shooting this, but could not seem
to get a very clean image. This seems to be a problem with the phone in
fact, as unless you are very still and careful, the processor can't talk
with the sensor fast enough to get a nice clean image.
5th Dec 2005, 13:35   comments (1)