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My home this is. Yes. From England originally I may be, now however Japan my home has become. Mmmm. Return I will, yes, yes, someday return. Now, photographs to share with you I wish. For workers it is time to blog as well, ungh?


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A whole path of Tori gates, at the Fushimi-Inari shrine. But which path to take?
23rd Aug 2006, 16:52   comments (1)

Beer Garden

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Mmmm, beer. Went to a beer garden last night. All you can eat (BBQ style), all you can drink for 15 pounds. Bit of a bargain I thought. Anyway, it was all very nice. Drinking beer on the roof of an 8 storey building, with a clear sky above, and mountains to either side...a good way to relax!
15th Aug 2006, 10:41   comments (2)


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I went with my wife to see a firework display at lake Biwa the other day. Most impressive they were too. Didn't bring a proper camera, so had to use the mobile's rubbishy one. Was a good display, but getting back was tough, with hordes of people flocking to the station...so we went for some food instead.
15th Aug 2006, 10:39   comments (0)

Red sky at night?

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Some nice pink and red skies of late...shame I haven't yet managed to be in a good place for picture taking at the time when the sky is pretty.
15th Aug 2006, 10:38   comments (0)

Japan 1 vs 3 Australia

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Ah, it all went so badly wrong for Japan. Tactical mistakes, tiredness, a lack of quality, or maybe just a combination of all 3. I was with Rie watching this one in a small Irish pub in Kyoto. The atmosphere was great from the start, and when Japan scored, it reached "crazy level". But as Australia started to pressure in the second half, people began getting tense...and the final 15 minutes or so where the "Samurai Blues" went from being 1-0 up to 1-3 down were quite depressing. Still, everyone seemed to take it on the chin, and were glad the lads gave it a good go. Not sure I'd be so philosphical if England had just blown a 1-0 lead near the end (thinking back to the game against France in 2004...).

Anyway, as for the photos: There's one of me getting pumped up before the game, complete with (upside-down) Guiness Japan head band thing. The second shot shows my view of the screen through the crowds. Taken on my phone, so excuse the poor quality...
15th Jun 2006, 04:27   comments (2)

Right, a couple more food ones...

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...I'll think of something else to post soon ;)Tonights dinner was a pizza, followed up by cake, both home made and most delicious.
12th Jun 2006, 17:17   comments (1)


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Another couple of dinner shots...is this blog also turning into a food zone??
Rie made do with a salad (for me I don't think I could have just a salad as a main meal, not unless it was packed full of mmmeeatt of course). I hade teriyaki chicken, with a small side salad. Very nice it was too :)
9th Jun 2006, 01:10   comments (1)

My dinner last night

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My fiancee put together a very nice roast dinner for me...a taste of home. I'm just lucky she enjoys cooking so much, and is always on the look out for new ideas and recipies. I enjoy the eating of course :) I can't say I enjoy the post-feast washing up so much, but it is more than worth it :D
6th Jun 2006, 13:20   comments (6)