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My home this is. Yes. From England originally I may be, now however Japan my home has become. Mmmm. Return I will, yes, yes, someday return. Now, photographs to share with you I wish. For workers it is time to blog as well, ungh?


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Let it snow!

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3 days until Christmas, and it's nice and snowy in Kyoto now. However, the weather forecasts suggest the temperatures will be rising a bit before Christmas, and thus it probably won't be a white one. Alas (in some ways, because whilst pretty, snow can be pretty annoying to if we're really honest about it!)
22nd Dec 2005, 06:46   comments (4)

FYI: How to use a toilet

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Found this most helpful toilet guide in the w/c of my new flat. As it says, for men use the left hand style,for women (and dumps) use the righthand style (it also explains the appropriate toilet configuration for each case) Most useful I thought...
10th Nov 2005, 02:16   comments (4)

Long awaited footballing comeback!

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Finally, after many months of procrastination, finally got back into footballing ways today. Joined in a futsal (indoor football) tournament with some guys I didn't know (and one whom I did). Didn't fare too well, losing the first game 1-6, rallying to win the second 2-1, then just missing out 1-2 in the final group game, and thus not making it to the knockout stages. Didn't manage to grab a goal myself, but did force a save or two, and had one just whistle past the post. And I was totally lacking in first touch and match confidence, super rusty-tastic. Anyway, it was great just to be playing again, and look forward to the next set of matches.

1) Facing off at the start (this is the game we lost 1-2)
2) Going for the challenge
3) Relaxing after the match(they'll probably appear in some random order, but never mind!)
23rd Oct 2005, 08:32   comments (0)

Office Toys

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Last day at NTT today. Have had an interesting time there - a nice place to work in. Particularily like the various toys found lying around!
30th Sep 2005, 16:02   comments (5)

Virtual Me

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Was messing around today with a project from a research lab near here...making a 3d mesh head, with my face on it, using text-to-speech based on my voice. Quite a chuckle sadly enough...not overly impressive to look at, especially when not moving, but it was only a quick experiment.
25th Aug 2005, 15:15   comments (8)

It's Mothra!!

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Possibly doesnt look so impressive in pictures, but this beast was outside work today! I tried to get my hand in shot for a size comparisson,but didnt want to scare it into flight (even when on the other side of the glass I felt the fear!), so my hand is closer to camera than Mothra and so the beast doesnt seem so big...still,maybe gives some idea.
19th Aug 2005, 10:04   comments (5)

A few more from the parade..

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..(I admit these ones arent from my phone camera)
24th Jul 2005, 04:59   comments (2)

An unexpected festival in Shijou, one of the main shopping areas in Kyoto

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Just popped down to get a new cartridge for my printer, and this procession was going on. Do like these little surprises from time to time (^^) These are just a few samples of what was moving down the street...
24th Jul 2005, 04:58   comments (0)