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[Voice: Yoda]

My home this is. Yes. From England originally I may be, now however Japan my home has become. Mmmm. Return I will, yes, yes, someday return. Now, photographs to share with you I wish. For workers it is time to blog as well, ungh?


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Let's sing!

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One of Kyoto's many karaoke joints. I was just passing by.This time!
12th Jun 2005, 03:56   comments (1)

Either my hand has grown,or it's another small Japanese beer glass issue...

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8th Jun 2005, 13:49   comments (10)

Talking of Catbus..

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8th Jun 2005, 13:48   comments (7)

Outside the lab.Our location must be known at all times..if we're not in the lab,why not you slacker

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8th Jun 2005, 08:37   comments (5)

Yoda..distracted he has become.

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I will find more interesting things to photograph soon,honest. As soon as I leave the flat!
6th Jun 2005, 16:03   comments (3)

Just a tester!

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6th Jun 2005, 10:19   comments (9)
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