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Welcome to the WA Startup Learnscope moblog!

We look forward to your comments and contributions to our conversations as we explore the use of electronic environment ettiquette, mobile communication startup issues in teaching and other topics as they arise.

This is a trial moblog within which the use of this universal communication opportunity is explored.

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An Australian Idol

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At the Opera House November 21st 2006 for Australian Idol
22nd Nov 2005, 00:10   comments (0)

Australian Idol

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Going Off at the Opera House for Australian Idol 2006! Woo!
22nd Nov 2005, 00:09   comments (0)

Not mine!

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5th Oct 2005, 06:36   comments (5)


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...maybe we could all enroll in courses conducted by these people to
understand the finer points of social etiquette.
18th Sep 2005, 18:08   comments (0)


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Wirefree and enjoying the sunshine whilst chatting away with the WAStartup
Learnscope group !I'm amazed at how mobile this can be....Elluminate is very clear this end -
how is it working for you ??
15th Sep 2005, 06:35   comments (6)

Photo of Beth at work at home

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15th Sep 2005, 06:17   comments (3)


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I think Elluminate can be multi-functionable object if used in conjunction with a moblogging platform such as this example and the chat element as located in Elluminate
15th Sep 2005, 06:14   comments (0)

Acceptable Speak

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This is getting ridiculous. The mixture of etiquette in these differing
electronic forums are bedazzling me...'switching between acceptable speak'
is the hardest issue I'm finding at the moment - whats good for one group is
different to another..oh well...thats never been different particularly when
working with different, cultural, demographic and social domains
15th Sep 2005, 05:40   comments (0)
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