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Empty, full, fuller.

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The things you notice when staying up late to cram in that extra lil bit of revision for the exam first thing tomorrow!
4th May 2007, 00:23   comments (2)

Aintree paddock

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Just finished my exam :(
2nd May 2007, 13:12   comments (0)


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I don't know how they can stands to be out there, i've got the window closed and i've just put the heating on!
1st May 2007, 13:53   comments (2)

The big one!

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Much bigger than yesterdays.
1st May 2007, 11:01   comments (2)

Asda home delivery

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15 carrier bags for 37 items.

It really would be better if the boxes they pile all the bags in, in the van could just be carried straight into the house so you could unload all the items in the kitchen and give them the box back. It really wouldn't add that much time.

I was also charged for a loaf that I only ordered because it was free as part of some 'welcome' thing. Granted it was only 55p, but pah!

I order 3 packets of plain New York Bagel Co bagels, and got 2 packets of plain asda ones and a cinnamon and raisin packet. The C&R; ones went back because I really don't like them.

I got full fat hummus instead of the low fat one I ordered.

My frozen stuff was frozen, but had that slightly squishy 'I'm going to defrost if you don't put me in the freezer NOW' kind of feel.

I didn't get my yoghurt either because it was 'unavailable'.

On the plus side tho, my delivery slot was 3 - 5, and she (the delivery lady was very nice!) arrived at just gone half 3!

Never again am I going to take for granted my wonderful boyfriend driving me to Asda as and when at the weekends when he visits :)
30th Apr 2007, 16:18   comments (8)

Big cranes and shiny cars

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30th Apr 2007, 11:48   comments (0)

Kitchen fodder

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Came in to get my breakfast and this bowl of critters was sat on the side waiting for me! It put me right off my breakfast :(
30th Apr 2007, 10:25   comments (0)

Pretty sky

(viewed 721 times)
29th Apr 2007, 20:51   comments (0)