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I have a tendency to notice things that most people wouldn't think to look twice at. I'm like a child that way. A thirty-year old child with a fancy toy, but still... The cameraphone makes it easier to share them with others, but doesn't necessarily make it clear why I thought it deserved to *be* shared...

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The burning question

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The burning question in Brooklyn, NY today, January 6th, 2006, is
apparently, "Will it snow on Christmas?"
6th Jan 2006, 12:52   comments (1)


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5th Jan 2006, 20:22   comments (7)

Another festive lamp post

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5th Jan 2006, 20:01   comments (0)

A disaster of cables...

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5th Jan 2006, 19:58   comments (4)

Breakfast of Champions... At lunchtime.

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5th Jan 2006, 16:58   comments (0)

My cube neighbor's choice of light reading.

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5th Jan 2006, 16:45   comments (0)

Language nerd...

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Yes, I paid money for this. Yes, I was excited when it came. Yes, it proves once and for all that I am a huge language geek. For what it's worth, I also downloaded a course in Elvish and lessons in Klingon. Let the mocking begin...
5th Jan 2006, 16:27   comments (4)

It's a lost cause...

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3rd Jan 2006, 13:45   comments (0)