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Unnecessary Noise

by wombat527

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I have a tendency to notice things that most people wouldn't think to look twice at. I'm like a child that way. A thirty-year old child with a fancy toy, but still... The cameraphone makes it easier to share them with others, but doesn't necessarily make it clear why I thought it deserved to *be* shared...

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17th Jul 2005, 01:01   comments (0)

Tempted, as always....

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16th Jul 2005, 20:20   comments (2)

Cap n' Tat

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14th Jul 2005, 23:20   comments (2)

True Achings...

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14th Jul 2005, 13:07   comments (0)

Mr. Moustache Man Mug!

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It says, "I must say, I harbor a fondness for expansive buttock regions and this is a subject on which I cannot prevaricate!"
14th Jul 2005, 02:51   comments (0)

Fruity cat...

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14th Jul 2005, 00:40   comments (2)


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And on bootleg DVD available on a subway train near you...
12th Jul 2005, 17:58   comments (0)

Sooooooo sleepy... Ironically, I can't sleep.

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11th Jul 2005, 03:49   comments (2)