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I have a tendency to notice things that most people wouldn't think to look twice at. I'm like a child that way. A thirty-year old child with a fancy toy, but still... The cameraphone makes it easier to share them with others, but doesn't necessarily make it clear why I thought it deserved to *be* shared...

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Remember kids, proper footwear is vital when using power tools.

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21st Jul 2010, 00:39   comments (1)

@TheRotund - Satisfactory?

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21st Jul 2010, 00:39   comments (0)

Someday I want to be richer than Cresus too...

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20th Jul 2010, 17:25   comments (0)

Yay the pallet jack broke!

(viewed 837 times)
Moving a 3000 lbs safe and the pallet went totally lame and threw a shoe.
Good times. Drivinf back to the shop to get the OTHER pallet jack...
19th Jul 2010, 16:19   comments (0)

Double Down - mislabeled

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My DoubleDown came in a box for a different sandwich, and wrapped in a Long
John Silver's Fish Taco wrapper. I am officially dubious.
16th Jul 2010, 01:55   comments (0)

Big dog in a little cat bed

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12th Jul 2010, 00:58   comments (3)

Look what I found under the coffee table!

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11th Jul 2010, 17:26   comments (0)

I LOVE being able to do this!

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A customer brought these gun locks in yesterday to have them removed from
her guns because she couldn't find the keys. We took them off and she said
she didn't want them, so I made keys for them today and now I have two
trigger locks for my guns! Yay!
9th Jul 2010, 18:42   comments (0)