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Happy invasion!

(viewed 632 times)
Cuddle your new idols!
20th Dec 2006, 02:25   | tags:comments (1)

Where is Yopi?

(viewed 900 times)
14th Dec 2006, 19:22   | tags:,comments (4)

Back to mine!

(viewed 541 times)
14th Dec 2006, 16:23   comments (0)

Enjoy your shopping trip

(viewed 864 times)
It's about ribs, here is included a picture of the roof I crashed through
last Saturday giving a really hard time to my ribs (but Codeine turns out
to be my friend now)
Please people, do your material resistance check before your Voddie powered
free jump attempt!

Then as a therapy (it hurts my ribs again!) I suggest these videos:

The genius of George Bush
I hope you like pain

Lunatic granny

A bit of consciouus awareness with

Some fellows secretely representing my hometown
to finish
11th Dec 2006, 08:08   | tags:,comments (1)

Merry X-Mas to you people

(viewed 569 times)
If you've been a good boy then tam a monkey
If you've been a good girl then bless your soul
if you've been a bad boy then repent
if you've been a rough girl then be a snowflake

In fact, Santa loves you all kidz.
11th Dec 2006, 07:28   comments (0)

Bed jumping aftermath

(viewed 657 times)
This bed has been repeatively abused with some of the following:

Direct causes

Sofa to bed indy flip
Sofa to bed front flip
Sofa to so close to the bed (won't feel the pain anyway)
Voddie wrestling
Human burger (up to 5 peoples, you can be the burger too)
Bed quaking
Stunt man carrier preparation (I'm looking for an insurance)
Gang Bangs

Indirect causes:

Global warming
Sex, drugs and rock n roll
Evil toyzs having fun behind my back (and on my bed)

Side aftermaths are:

Sour backs
Couple of twisted rests
Footprints all over the wall
Aborted night outs

optimist by nature: I think I'll get my deposit back (somehow)
5th Dec 2006, 20:08   comments (6)

What a f@@king happy life

(viewed 1212 times)
A few meaningfull messages here.
4 Alfie ;)
28th Nov 2006, 20:42   | tags:comments (4)

Bob and Cloomy

(viewed 619 times)
.in da house
14th Oct 2006, 17:51   | tags:,comments (0)