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Hello! I am a Japanese woman who live in Japan. I like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and UK.
I am learning English. Please tell me when my English grammar is wrong. I often make a mistake.

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taiko's performance

(viewed 939 times)
25th Jun 2006, 12:47   comments (7)

beating drum

(viewed 1028 times)
It's taiko's performance.
'Taiko' means drum.
He beat the taiko loudly with all his might.
The taiko's performance in the shopping street enchanted the road goer
25th Jun 2006, 12:39   comments (1)

father's day

(viewed 974 times)
good morning, dad.
17th Jun 2006, 23:52   comments (2)


(viewed 1044 times)
He is my English techer. He asked me if he was handsome now.
17th Jun 2006, 05:43   comments (9)


(viewed 979 times)
I bought the Sherlock Holmes DVD which includes all forty one episodes taken from Granada Ventures Ltd. at last. It's too expensive for me but now I appreciate each story. I see it again and again.The right side is mate:)
17th Jun 2006, 02:34   comments (5)

after a little adventure

(viewed 926 times)
fortunately, I was able to go out another street and found beautiful river side park.
10th Jun 2006, 02:04   comments (4)

an alley

(viewed 953 times)
I'm going back to my office now. It's first time for me to walk this street. Trees are beautiful but can I go throgh?
8th Jun 2006, 10:33   comments (5)

In the library

(viewed 936 times)
I came to a library again.
In the building, l can see through the sky.
4th Jun 2006, 01:24   comments (4)
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