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Hello! I am a Japanese woman who live in Japan. I like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and UK.
I am learning English. Please tell me when my English grammar is wrong. I often make a mistake.

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Morning coffee

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12th Apr 2006, 23:52   comments (3)

Rainy day

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Today was rainy but flowers are blooming beautifully
12th Apr 2006, 12:28   comments (3)


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I live in a apartment house with the garden.
These red flowers are camellia looked at from the garden of my home.
26th Mar 2006, 12:32   comments (5)

Nanohana(rape blossoms)

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The flower in Chiba Prefecture is "Nanohana".
Are you dear in "nanohana", kozika or ukmari?
25th Mar 2006, 11:56   comments (6)

Almond chocolate

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My boss gave me a chocolate box sold by haute cuisine shop "Queen Alice"
of Tokyo for the souvenir.
23rd Mar 2006, 10:45   comments (8)


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As is always the case, a lot of people came to visit a grave with the flower and the bucket.
21st Mar 2006, 12:42   comments (7)


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This week is an equinoctial week.
We visited our family grave today.
When visiting a grave twice a year, my father becomes a plant workman.
21st Mar 2006, 12:04   comments (0)

Ume (again)

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The picture that I had up-loaded last time was not "Momo" but "Ume". The most below picture is "Momo". I'm sorry.
A twofold photograph above is "Ume" in the vicinity. I took these pictures yesterday.
20th Mar 2006, 12:38   comments (7)