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Hello! I am a Japanese woman who live in Japan. I like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and UK.
I am learning English. Please tell me when my English grammar is wrong. I often make a mistake.

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I correct "Momo" to "Ume".

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"Ume" is the name of these frower.
The meaning of "Ume" is a plum.
Spring is coming soon.

I'm sorry I mistook "Ume" for "Momo". Either flower blooms in the early

"Momo" is the name of these frower.
The meaning of "Momo" is a peach.
4th Mar 2006, 11:50   comments (8)

Yasukuni Shrine

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I have gone to Yasukuni Shrine with my friend today.
12th Feb 2006, 11:28   comments (4)

Coming-of-Age Day

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Today is a National holiday in Japan.
It is cold 'Seijin-no-hi'(Coming -of -Age Day).
Almost of all city, town and village had a congratulatory ceremony for those who have reached their majority today.
A lot of young women put on the kimono and wear a white shawl.

9th Jan 2006, 11:50   comments (18)

A buudist altar

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The photograph is a buddhist altar of my home on New Year's day.
Grandparents are enshrined.
1st Jan 2006, 02:18   comments (14)

A New Year's visit to a shrine

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A happy new year from Japan!
I visited the Chiba shrine to pray for good luck early in the morning.
People were coming there, too. People and I pray for hapiness and good health throughout the year.
Shinto priestesses who are wearing red Hakama(a long pleated skirt-like Japanese garment) are raking the leaves.

I was always busy last year, but I usually feel happy because I have a job and good health.
1st Jan 2006, 01:30   comments (2)

Clear round rool

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I made a mistake in the spelling of the title.
It is not 'rool' but it is 'roof'...

These are photographs around the station. It is a strange clear round roof but I like it. Because there is taste of modern architecture.

Today's high will be twelve degrees.
It has became cold.

4th Dec 2005, 01:53   comments (4)

A beautiful autumn day! ver3'

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4th Dec 2005, 00:54   comments (2)

A beautiful autumn day! ver3

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These are scenery of the vicinity of today.
Wonderful autumnal tints still remain though Japan has become cold.
3rd Dec 2005, 12:36   comments (4)