First I Must Sprinkle You With Fairy Dust

by ysabel

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Random thoughts. No, really.

There'd probably be nude pictures, too, but that's not allowed. Check out my livejournal instead.



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Still alive if not yet kicking

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Out of surgery and a little groggy, but ok. Looks like they got everything without hitting the nerve or the sinus so that's good.
19th May 2005, 17:45   comments (1)

'Little' Brother and his honey

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13th May 2005, 19:22   comments (0)

My favorite tshirt

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13th May 2005, 17:25   comments (1)

Just Indian Food

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6th May 2005, 19:53   comments (3)

Visitors and Indian Food

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6th May 2005, 19:50   comments (0)


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I particularly like the fact that the far boat appears to be glowing. It's MAGIC SUSHI!

4th May 2005, 04:13   comments (1)

Very glad for waterproof mascara

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27th Apr 2005, 19:05   comments (5)


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I like the cremation and memory board thing a lot better than the dead body thing.
27th Apr 2005, 17:57   comments (0)