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Hello! Welcome to my Moblog!

I was introduced to this by Imogen Heap and her savvy webmaster James. Nicely designed, easy to use....

Here you will find an ever growing collection of random and not so random images taken with my cellphone or webcam. Is it art? Unlikely. Is it fun? Yes! And hopefully this is at least minimally entertaining for you, or why are you here?


best, Zoe

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proper cooking attire

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I cook a lot but often spend half the time weeping over chopped onions. Not anymore now that I have these goggles!
30th Dec 2006, 05:26   comments (1)


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30th Dec 2006, 05:25   comments (1)

Portland, Oregon in the winter

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One of the things that makes Portland great. There are a bunch of
these throughout the city, little converted trailers that sell soup,
sandwiches, donuts...you name it. It was really cold that day, and
this place was like a shiny oasis!
30th Dec 2006, 05:08   comments (0)

Balloon Ride photos

Here are the promised pictures from last week's balloon ride outside Seattle. Not many I'm afraid. I was too busy video taping and in the breaks I just wanted to enjoy the experience!

But here are the ones that came out. I didn't get any pictures of Heidi or her Mom, but there is certainly lots of footage of them.

The following day I got a surprise phone call from my little sister telling me that she was in Portland until 2am!! Laura (I call her Lol...sorry sis, can't help myself..feel free to post all my nicknames for the world to see in retaliation!) is merch-girl extraordinaire for the Dresden Dolls and they were out with Panic af the Disco. I felt like such a terrible sister, not knowing her schedule, and here I was up in Seattle.

I reluctantly said goodbye to Immi and drove like a madwoman back down to Portland. I managed to catch Lol and Emily (D.D.'s tour manager and our tour manager back in January) for an hour before their bus had to leave. That was nice, as I hadn't seen my sister in about one million years because we live on opposite sides of the country...and due to our glamorous rock and roll lives and all (!!NOT!!).
5th Aug 2006, 04:02   comments (1)

Santa Cruz boardwalk

Drove down to Santa Cruz to meet with the astonishing luthier/genius Rick Turner. We talked about this that and the other, including cello pickups. Afterward a day well spent in sonic dicussion, lunch and a tour of the Renaissance guitar "factory", Jeff and I headed over to the boardwalk for some serious silliness.
3rd Aug 2006, 21:03   comments (0)

Pandas in the lettuce again

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3rd Aug 2006, 21:02   comments (0)

july 31...travels, beaches and balloon rides

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I'm back at the best beach house in the world, in Florence, Oregon. The view here is just amazing: an unobstructed, 180 degree view of the sea. Miles in either direction, left or right, are rows of perfectly breaking waves. Tis pretty stunning. Hard not to think big thoughts...so bear with me please!

The house belongs to Jeff's parents, and just before each big event of the past year we've always had a bit of a breather here. Maybe because of that, I can't help looking back at the last year. For example, exactly one year ago, Jeff and I took refuge here after the end of 964 Natoma. We sat in shock, staring at the sea, all of our most necessary possessions sitting outside in the car. Eventually, we were collected enough to begin our mad dash across the country where we started the first One Cello x 16 tour, began joint work on the Database of Recorded Amercian Music http://dram.nyu.edu and then Jeff dropped me in NYC for another Rasputina tour.I spent a week here just two months before that: June 2005.

Recovering from an exhausting Rasp tour, trying to clear out my brain by staring out these windows, before both launching into mixing my record, and beginning the process of moving. Then there was New Years Eve...still couch-surging, our stuff in storage, we came here so that could have a peaceful place to get ready for Imogen Heap's January tour. And now that I think of it, there are countless times before that.

Thinking about all these events, I guess what I'm realizing is that no matter what incredibly important, pressing, or on-the-verge-of- emergency things seem to be going on, the ocean is still there, the waves are still rolling in. Maybe a bit of clouds, a spot of wind, a little warmer or colder, a little coastal erosion, but nothing has really changed in the grand scheme of things. My little struggles and victories didn't make a world of difference to this view!For some reason this makes me really excited to write more music.

Change of course here...

Less than a week ago I was invited to meet Imogen up in Seattle to...GO ON A BALLOON RIDE!! Of course I said yes. I was excited to go up in a balloon, but really I'll jump at any opportunity to have a few small moments with Immi. She's an inspiring presence, and I don't get nearly enough chances to hang out with other musicians who are as artistically committed, and self-expressed as she.There is a "something" underneath the surface of her music that is really important...more important than popularity or smash hits or sales figures. My perception is that Imogen's current musical incarnation is one of many as-yet-to-be-manifested forms. What the other incarnations will be, no one but her can know, but I'm really looking forward to hearing the product of her creative process.

While I think of if, looking at this lovely view of the ocean from the beach house...I suppose its obvious, but the creative process is that, a process. It might take a whole life of hard work spent perfecting a craft (well, hopefully not a WHOLE life, but I think it can take a long time) and hopefully, after all that, you might reveal a "something" in small glimpses. The resulting music might not be be
as enduring as, but at least will be expressive of, this view I'm sitting in front of (see first paragraph if I've lost you!)...Whoa...how's that for deep dude? No I'm not smoking anything!I took some pictures of course, but I don't have with me the little doodad that connects the camera to the computer.

Thanks for ready all that pithy drivel. I blame it on the view.
3rd Aug 2006, 20:53   comments (3)

a truck stop near the canadian border

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3rd Jun 2006, 20:29   comments (1)